Trail Guides

When I first started hiking, I had absolutely ZERO idea of what I was doing! But I adored nature and wanted to get out to see more of it. Everything was intimidating to me. And despite all of the information available online, in Google maps, guidebooks, and within hiking groups I still didn’t feel confident setting out to a new trail alone. It was hard to sift through all the information and sometimes the things I really wanted to know weren’t included. I’m certain that if I felt that way, others must as well. So these guides are my attempt at synthesizing some of that information I was always looking for and hopefully helping to put others at ease.

map of the seven counties of Southeast Wisconsin with names of each county listed

Hiking guides are exactly what they sound like, a post that contains all the instructions you need to feel comfortable heading out for a hike in that location for the first time! Info on maps, fees, accessibility, terrain, bathrooms, routes, dog friendliness and more! Everything is geared towards the beginning hiker and I provide photographs of the parking lot, trailheads, bathroom facilities, trail kiosks and other key amenities so you can feel confident heading out to the trail.

Right now, this is just for Southeast Wisconsin, where I spend most of my time hiking. Someday I may expand this to other portions of the state or do separate sections for State Parks. Maybe even expand to other regions entirely. I have some ideas but I want to start off with what I know really well so I can really hone in on what these guides should look like to provide the best value.

Let me know in the comments if you have a hike you’d like to see documented or ideas for information to include in the guides that would be useful for you in planning a hike!

🥾See ya on the trails, my friends!🥾

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